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Here is a message from Dr. Cheng Ruan Co-Creator of the eating plan!
  • Intended for those who have Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes. (Type 1 Diabetes cannot be reversed, but those with type 1 diabetes or autoimmune diabetes can use the plan to help reduce insulin administration)
  • No Carb Counting - Trying to stick with diets without the yo-yo effect is tough! That's because humans have such a hard time with restriction. We have built a system where this is not needed!
  • No Calorie Counting - Learning the foods to eat to master your hormonal balance and decrease inflammation is the key to success. There is no starvation on this plan!
  • It's cross cultural - We have included eating lists of many cross cultural foods including Latin, asian, African, Mediterranean, and many more!
  • Made for Emotional Eaters - This diet focuses on reward replacement rather than reward restriction. This leads to more permanent results and utter defeat of Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes
Free E-Book Guide Reveals Everything You Need To Know about Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes Reversal!
This awesome 26 page report explains what most doctors and dietitians aren't trained to tell you...
  • How To Eat For Your Hormones - Hack your body's hormones to reduce insulin levels, reduce inflammation, and tackle autoimmune effects of foods which are all root causes of Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-diabetes!
  • 26 Page Guide That is More Comprehensive - That is a lot of pages...
  • #3 Categories of Food Every Diabetic Should Eat From Without Restriction... Right Now!
  • And So Much More...
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Bonus Videos from Dr. Ruan's Video Archive Found at!
Why Calories Just Don't Matter for Diabetics
Why cutting calories can make you fatter, raise your blood sugars, worsens Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, and inflammation. By Dr. Cheng Ruan

1. The behavioral problem
2. Eat for your hormones, not calories
3. Not all calories are created equal
4. Why calorie restricts diets fail time after time.
5. The "1200 calories myth" that's making you fatter

Most dietary plans want some sort of caloric restriction. That has been shown to backfire in many studies. The idea of calories in/calories out balance only works if all calories are created equal. In fact they are not.

Most dietitians, doctors, nutritionists, and even the government have it backwards historically. 

In this video, you will learn why calorie restriction may be harmful to you and even sabatoge your weight loss goals, can worsen type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes, and can make you gain weight, and decrease belly fat loss.

Delicious Foods From the Eating Plan
You can still eat delicious food that actually serves your body rather than destroy it!

Master categorization of all your ingredients so your food works for you.

Most dietary plans require some sort of restriction. The "in moderation" approach can be detrimental to emotional eaters. Eating inflammatory foods "in moderation" is like telling a cocaine addict to snort only one line of coke today rather than his/her usual 8.

The food listed in the eating plan is designed to be versatile. The combinations are endless as long as you follow our guidelines!

In this video, you see an example of what Dr. Ruan fixes for his family.

How to Stay Motivated and Stick To Your Diet
Most people Yo-yo diet! Why are there good weeks and bad weeks? Why is it that when we get distracted, all the great effort we've done comes crashing down? It's likely because we have not adhered to the following.

5 Things you MUST do to keep on top of your game: 

1. Make clear and concrete goals: short term, medium term, and long term.

2. Limit your availability of foods you're not supposed to eat at home. Partition areas in the fridge or pantry that are OFF LIMITS to you if your family will have a different diet than you do.

3. Have an accountability partner. Share with them your successes and failures!

4. Have a positive mindset no matter what!

5. Understand that the more times you fail, the more times you get to succeed. Those who are the most successful have failed the most in life.
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